Are you a student or an adult who frequently writes essays but enjoys the experience?

Writing is a difficult task for both students and adults. Because writing happens in a flow, one cannot write whenever they want. But it is not impossible to make the entire process of writing a pleasurable and enjoyable one, no matter how challenging essay writing may be.

We’re here to save you time and effort by providing ten essential essay writing suggestions to make it an enjoyable experience.


An essay is a story

Have you ever imagined that you’re composing a narrative while writing an essay? An essay is a story on a specific topic. Write it as though you’re writing a story, whether it’s for academic purposes or just for yourself. If you think of writing in this way, you’ll be surprised at how far you’ve come!


Before deciding on a topic, contemplate what you enjoy doing the most, as only then will you be able to produce an excellent essay. Before choosing your perfect topic, do some internet search or read some books.

The correct choice of topic

Select a topic that is relevant to your hobby or area of interest. Something important to you. This will inspire emotions and make the piece more compelling. Make a list of main ideas you wish to cover in this essay to make the writing process go more smoothly. Eventually, you will find yourself enjoying writing the essay.

Free your imagination

If your mentor has already suggested a topic to you, consider how you may make it more creative. Use your imagination to the fullest because fiction is something you can always use in your writing.

Motivate yourself

Essay writing is a difficult task, and you may feel helpless and discouraged at times. But don’t give up. Motivate yourself to write by drawing inspiration from the tiniest things around you.

More Research!

After you’ve chosen a topic, strive to gather as much knowledge as you can about it. When you have a lot of information to work with, writing will be a lot easier.

Move-in Steps

Write an essay in a structured manner, beginning with an introduction that introduces the topic. The primary body follows, explaining the central theme of the idea, followed by the conclusion, in which you must conclude your essay creatively. Moving forward in this manner, you’ll discover that you’ve been having a lot of fun writing so far as all the information is right in front of you.

It’s OK not to follow the traditional way

Set yourself free if you don’t want to write in the traditional manner. Allow your imagination and pens to do the work. It’s perfectly OK to write in a non-sequential order. You should relax and enjoy yourself rather than worrying about writing!

Give yourself some time

Give yourself some time

Allow yourself to rest at regular intervals. Take breaks by going for a walk, watching a movie, or watching an episode of a web series. Give your brain a rest and some alone time for yourself to relax.

Selection of words

It’s a work written by you, and it’s your responsibility to make it unusual and fun for yourself. If the words you write do not spark your interest, they may not catch the interest of others. It’s up to you to make yours stand out. Use dictionaries and choose words that fit your context. Spend some time selecting the words and the rest you can do later!